Sula Sarkar

Research Associate

Research Interests and Project Expertise

Geographic Harmonization; International Census Data; Geographical Information Systems (GIS); Historical Demography


My association with MPC begins in 2001, when I started working as a graduate research assistant on the National Historical GIS project while pursuing for a degree in geography at the University of Minnesota. After completing my PhD in 2006, I became a full-time employee working on international microdata projects - NAPP and IPUMS-International and more recently Terra Populus and IDHS.

As a geographer, I study the changing administrative boundaries from one census year to another. My work at MPC mostly deals with harmonizing this changing geography in different countries. Besides administrative boundaries and microdata, I produce GIS maps that can be used for mapping and visualizing IPUMS-International and Terra Populus data. I also work with the IDHS project, creating consistent geography variables. My work at MPC fits well with my research interests - visualization of census microdata from several countries. I mostly focus on migrants and immigrants and use GIS as a tool for visualization.

Selected Publications

Sarkar, S. and Hall, P.K. 2011. Mapping NAPP: Examples of Spatial Analysis of Nineteenth-Century Migration in the North Atlantic Countries Using NAPP Data. Historical Methods, 44: 25-36. ID:58619054

Ruggles, S., Roberts, E., Sarkar, S. and Sobek, M. 2011. The North Atlantic Population Project: Progress and prospects. Historical Methods, 44: 1-6. ID: 58619058