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Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowships


The Graduate School awards a limited number of one-year Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowships (IDFs) each year to outstanding graduate students who would benefit from interaction with faculty at one of the University's interdisciplinary research centers or institutes. The MPC welcomes applications from students pursuing interdisciplinary population research.

Applications are generally accepted in the fall of each academic year. Please check the Graduate School's IDF website here for more detailed information.

Preliminary applications are due to the MPC by October 26, 2015.

For more information, please contact MPC Training Director Rob Warren.

Previous MPC Interdisciplinary Fellows


Anne Kaduk, Sociology
"Women Returning to Work across the Life Course: Who Does It, Why, and What Do They Return To?"
Advisor: Phyllis Moen
Faculty Mentors: Colleen Flaherty Manchester, Joseph Ritter


Carrie Henning-Smith, Health Services Research, Policy & Administration
“Disability and Living Arrangements in Later Life”
Co-Advisers: Tetyana Shippee & Donna McAlpine
Faculty Mentors: Phyllis Moen & Ben Capistrant

Jack Lam, Sociology
“Hedging Risk in the Face of Precarious Employment: Examining the Job Insecurity-Health Relationship”
Adviser: Phyllis Moen
Faculty Mentor: J. Michael Oakes

jim saliba, Sociology
“Power, Race, and Equity: Governance Structure Changes and K-12 Educational Opportunity in the United States”
Co-Advisers: Ron Aminzade & Rob Warren
Faculty Mentor: Joe Soss


Aine McCarthy, Applied Economics
“The Impact of a Family Planning Program on Contraceptive Uptake and Fertility Decisions”
Co-Advisers: Deborah Levison & Paul Glewwe
Faculty Mentor: Ann Meier


Kasey Keeler, American Studies
“The Invisibility of American Indian Suburbanization”
Co-Advisers: Jean O’Brien and Brenda Child
Faculty Mentor: Carolyn Liebler

Gerald Shannon, Geography
"Paths Through the Food Desert: Food Procurement Practices in Low-income Urban Neighborhoods"
Co-Advisers: Helga Leitner and Steven Manson
Faculty Mentor: J. Michael Oakes

Sarah Shannon, Sociology
"Paths Through the Food Desert: Food Procurement Practices in Low-income Urban Neighborhoods"
Adviser: Christopher Uggen
Faculty Mentor: Steven Manson


Michel Boudreaux, Health Services Research, Policy & Administration
Title: “Birth, Death, and Marriage: The Effect of Medicaid on Population Composition
Adviser: Donna McAlpine
Faculty Mentor: Steven Ruggles

Rachelle Hill, Sociology
"Time in the Great Recession: The Impact of the 2008/2009 Economic Recession and Unemployment on Time Spent in Healthy Behaviors and with Family Members"
Adviser: Phyllis Moen
Faculty Mentor: Deborah Levison


Polina Sheldeshova, Family Social Science
Adviser: Catherine Solheim
Faculty Mentor: Carolyn Liebler

Christine West, Applied Economics
Adviser: Joe Ritter
Faculty Mentors: Erin Kelly & Fran Vavrus

Xi Zhu, Sociology
Adviser: David Knoke
Faculty Mentor: Pinar Karaca-Mandic


Margaret Charleroy, History of Science, Technology and Medicine
Adviser: John Eyler
Faculty Mentor: Steven Ruggles

Benjamin J.S. al-Haddad, Epidemiology & Community Health
Adviser: J. Michael Oakes
Mentor: Rob Warren

Kyle Walker, Geography
Adviser: Helga Leitner
Faculty Mentors: Donna Gabaccia & Ross Macmillan

Seth Werner, Education Policy & Administration
Co-Advisers: Gery Fry & Fran Vavrus
Faculty Mentors: Steven Ruggles & Yanjie Bian


Misty Heggeness, Applied Economics

Karen Kramer, Family Social Science

Johanna Leinonen, History