Rachelle Hill

MN Census RDC Administrator
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IPUMS Data Projects

Research Interests and Project Expertise

Work, Family, and Time; Life Course; Health Disparities


I started working at the MPC as a graduate student with the Flexible Work and Well-Being Center in 2007 under Dr. Phyllis Moen and Dr. Erin Kelly. In 2011-2012 I spent a year as an Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellow with the MPC before graduating with my Ph.D. in Sociology in 2012 and my MPH in Epidemiology in 2014. I am currently the Minnesota Census Research Data Center Administrator.

As the RDC Administrator, I assist researchers in securing access to non-public datasets available in the Census Research Data Center. My research examines how work and family intersect to influence individual well-being across the US population and how social structures produce unequal outcomes in these areas. My dissertation used ATUS-X to examine how the amount of time individuals spend in healthy behaviors and with family is related to the Great Recession and unemployment.

Selected Publications

Hill, Rachelle, Eric Tranby, Erin Kelly & Phyllis Moen. 2013. "Relieving the Time Squeeze? Workplace Changes and Parents' Time." Journal of Marriage and Family. 5: 1014-1029. ID: 12047

Moen, Phyllis, Erin L. Kelly & Rachelle Hill. 2011. "Does Enhancing Work-Time Control and Flexibility Reduce Turnover? A Naturally Occurring Experiment." Social Problems 58(1):69-98. ID: 201158169

Moen, Phyllis, Stephen Sweet & Rachelle Hill. 2010. "Risk, Resilience, and Life-Course Fit: Older Couples' Encores Following Job Loss." Pp. 283-309 in Resilient Aging. Edited by P.S. Fry & C.L. Keyes. Cambridge University Press: New York.