David Haynes II

Research Associate
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IPUMS Data Projects

Research Interests and Project Expertise

Health Geography; Spatial Demography; Health Access and Health Disparities


I began working on the Terra Populus project with the MPC in April 2014 after graduating from the University of Iowa. Currently, I focus on researching, developing, and supporting spatial analysis tools for the Terra Populus Project.

My research has focused on understanding small areas and investigating the spatial relationships of these populations, health disparities, and resources. In particular, I have worked on developing algorithms that determine the temporal change of cancer rates, while controlling for a minimum population. In addition, I have developed methods that improved enrollment projections for school districts in the state of Iowa using a spatially adaptive filter. I plan to continue working in the research domain of small area analysis, developing geographic tools that improve estimation techniques.

Selected Publications

Hutchinson, K., Haynes, D., Schnoor, J., 2010. Human-Impacted Water Resources: Domain Stratification and Mapping to Determine Hydrologically Similar Units, Environmental Science Technology, 44, 20, pp 7890-7896

Haynes, D., and Armstrong, M.P., 2009. Population Reallocation Methods to Support Emergency Evacuation Planning, Earthzine (available at http://www.earthzine.org/)