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Advisory Board


The MPC Advisory Board is responsible for approving new members of the Center, nominating new directors, amending the MPC By-Laws, and providing advice to the Director on all aspects of MPC management.  The Advisory Board consists of twelve Representatives elected by the MPC membership. Advisory Board Representatives must be members of the Center.There are three categories of Representatives, each of which is elected by a different group of MPC members. The three member groups are: (1) MPC faculty and P&A members who are not primarily employed by the Center; (2) regular employees of the center (i.e., employees not in a student job class); and (3) graduate and postdoctoral student members.
Steven Ruggles, MPC Director and Regents Professor of History 
Catherine Fitch, MPC Associate Director
John Robert “Rob” Warren, MPC Training Director and Professor of Sociology
Gina Rumore, MPC Program Development Coordinator
Faculty Members
Sharon Long, Health Policy and Management (term expires Spring 2014)
Evan Roberts, History (term expires Spring 2014)
Ezra Golberstein, Health Policy and Management (term expires Spring 2015)
Ann Meier, Sociology (term expires Spring 2015)
Janna Johnson, Humphrey School of Public Affairs (term expires Spring 2016)
Carolyn Liebler, Sociology (term expires Spring 2016)
Regular Staff Members
Patricia Kelly Hall, MPC Research Coordinator (term expires Spring 2014)
Sarah Flood, MPC Research Associate (term expires Spring 2015)
Lara Cleveland, MPC Research Associate(term expires Spring 2016)
Student Members

Gilbert Gonzales (term expires Spring 2014)
Stefanie Lightner (term expires Spring 2014)
Rodrigo Lovaton Davila (term expires Spring 2014)